AR Entertainment Group Organized AR Mrs India Delhi Auditions, Themed it on ‘Women Empowerment’

Talib Khan / Lokesh Goswami


New Delhi, (17/2/2019): AR Entertainment Group organizes Delhi auditions for AR Mrs India 2019 ‘She Can, She Will’.

The competition is between the married women, who will showcase their talents in three rounds, Catwalk Round, Introduction and Question Answer Round and Talent Round.

The Jury consist of Akhil Sachdeva, Bollywood Singer, Karan Patel, TV Actor, Tina Datta, TV Actress and Nivedita Basu, TV Producer.

This event focuses on ‘Women Empowerment’, by giving a platform to the married women to showcase their talents and live up their dreams and also to enhance the status of the women of our society.

The event started with the first round, which is a Catwalk Round. The participants showcased their talent of catwalking in front of the judges.

The second round started which is ‘Introduction and Question Answer Round, in which the participants introduced themselves in front of the judges and answers the questions asked by the jury members.

The third round which is Talent Round includes the performances by the participants in the form of poetry, acting, dance and singing.

Based on the above rounds, the judges gave points to the participants. The results for the auditions will be announced after the AR Group finishes the talent hunt in other cities of India.

AR Entertainment Group which is headed by Ashish Rai, has been working in the entertainment industry for past 10 years and have organized this ‘Mrs India Auditions in cities like Pune and Lucknow.


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