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After the stint in Mussoorie did district training in Meerut district. First law and order experience . Violent CPM led labour trouble in Modinagar. Police firing killed 4. Hundreds injured including policemen. Judicial enquiry.
Next posting in Delhi as SDM-1968. Ordered lathicharge on SSP demonstrators trying to rush towards Parliament House. Another Judicial enquiry. Also notices from speakers of Lok Sabha and six assemblies of various states for arresting MPs/MLAs. Transferred to Tripura.

Tripura 1970-73. Two major events. Due to atrocities by Pakistani authorities on the people of the then East Pakistan lakhs of refugees started pouring into Tripura. At one time total no of refugees numbered ten lakhs. The population of Tripura then was ten lakhs! As DMs we had to organise shelter, food, medical care and sanitation for them. Tremendous effort was required and sometimes we worked round the clock.
In March 1971 a unit of the East Bengal Regiment revolted and declared Independence. More atrocities followed and slowly our army build-up began . As DMs we had to maintain a close liaison with them and extend help at every step. In Dec. when Pakistan attacked India our army launched an attack on Akhaura in E. Pakistan. Agartala, capital of Tripura was only three km from the border and we were under constant shelling from across till the army cleared the way. Sometimes we used to make forays into enemy territory and saw the army action-live. A once in a lifetime experience.
In 1973 was posted in the Dept of Company Affairs as under secy/ deputy secy. Was in charge of Companies and the MRTP Acts- two most obnoxious Acts, in my opinion, responsible for strangulating the Indian economy.
1978- posted to Mizoram. The insurgency was at its peak. Only a couple of years earlier the IG, DIG, SP were shot in office by the MNF. We had to move around with armed escorts. The office and the house well guarded by the CRPF. To cap it all we as DCs had Sessions power and I had several cases of MNF in my court. It was really scary.
In 1980 posted as Deputy Commissioner of Delhi. In those days there was only one DC for the whole of Delhi.
1982-83 did a one year course in Swansea College, Wales, UK. Obtained my degree in M.Sc in Economics.
Posted to Chandigarh as OSD just before Operation Bluestar. Seems I have a knack of gravitating towards hot spots!
Joined Ministry of Home Affairs as Joint Secy. being in charge of UT division, being the first and the last UT officer to man this post, I helped in my small way Shri Balakrishnan, legal advisor., to draft the NCT of Delhi Act. Home Ministry is the cadre controlling authority for UT cadre officers and the JS is the kingpin.
Posted in Delhi Govt. as Home Secy. Remember sending police matter files directly to LG.
In 1992 transferred to Arunachal Pradesh. Had become a full fledged State in 1987, and few people are aware, is larger than Assam. As Secy. I was looking after the Depts. of PWD and Power. My work took me to all corners of the state, from Tawang in the west to Vijaynagar in the east. From Kibithu on the McMahon Line, from where China opened the eastern flank in 1962, to Pasighat in the south. The tenure in Arunachal is two years but I voluntary stayed for four years!
I can say with some conviction that no officer, IAS or local, before me or after me has traversed the state so exhaustively. Arunachal has a huge potential of hydro power-almost 50,000 MW waiting to be exploited. More about this and anecdotal experiences some other time.
Was back in Delhi in 1996 and again posted as Home Secy in NCT Govt. I was still referring police files directly to LG.
In 1999 was posted as Chief Secy. in Goa. Very enjoyable tenure. The people are warm, friendly and fun loving. The Susagade effect,ie, take it easy, relax just about sums it up.
Back to Delhi in 2001 in the twilight hours of my career. I was posted as CMD of Delhi Finance Corp. with the office in Connaught Place, about ten minute drive from my house on Tilak Marg. The main advantage was not working with politicians and so could concentrate on getting my retirement papers ready in my spare time. This is very important if you have led a rather nomadic sort of life, being posted from one place to the other every three or four years. Officers have been known to chase their service records for years after they retire, especially if one has taken a car or house loan from the Govt.
2003. Retired. Whew, what a relief!.