Azad Sena and Akhand Bharat Mission protest against SC/ST Act at Jantar Mantar

Vishal Malhotra (Photo & Video) By Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Today at Jantar Mantar, a dharna was held against the SC-ST Act by the Azad Sena and Akhand Bharat Mission.
These people came from various parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.
Their protest was against the SC-ST Act that was recently released, and the arrest of their member named Abhishek Shukla, who was arrested without any case filed against his name in the police records.

Dinanath, a very powerful speaker from Azad Sena started his speech for the protest by blaming Prime Minister Modi for all the reasons behind why they had to start this dharna pradarshan.
He said, “This step taken by Modi is not something that an Indian would do. We are all against the Act and this purposeless arrest of our mate, which is just something that can’t be tolerated.”

Speaking to Ten News, Dinanath said,
” We request our media to go take this voice of ours to the doorstep of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and request him to make his decisions to go the right way. If we the people of India can make a tea vendor to be the Prime Minister, then it is really very easy to reverse the step.”

People at the dharna were relating the incident with the acts that took place in the past while India was still under the British Raj.

One of the people compared the act with the Rowlatt Act, saying:
“This is something that happened in our nation before as well. Rowlatt Act did something really very bad to our society and now the same can’t happen to our country. And Narendra Modi according to me, has not understood the difference between the time before 1947 and the time today, as yet.”

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