Be ready for ten excuses from @ARVINDKejriwal @AAMAADMIPARTY.

1. Electricity: Central government is not giving us
cheap electricity – blame BJP
2. Schools: Central government is not giving us land to
make schools- blame BJP
3. WiFi: We are not getting security clearance to set
up wifi-blame BJP
4. Women Security: Home guards are not enough to
cover entire Delhi, we have asked center for help but
center not helping – blame BJP
5. Water: we are not getting water from Haryana. We
have complained but nothing happened- blame BJP
6. Jokepal: Delhi already has Lokayukta.. home ministry
asking why two parallel laws are required- blame BJP
7. Jobs: We have asked center to extend their job
schemes to Delhi but we are unable to get them to do
so- blame BJP
8. VIP culture: home ministry had thrust house, car, Z
grade security on to us what can we do, we have to
accept- blame BJP
9. Price rise: price rise is subject to center policy and
we can’t do anything. Let’s protest by Dharna – blame BJP
10. Crimes: Delhi police is not under state, so, AAP cannot do much about Crimes, Blame Bjp

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