“Bill-paying flat owners won’t face power disconnection” UP Urban Development Minister Suresh Khanna

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The three minster panel formed by UP government visited Greater Noida on Wednesday-Thursday and listened to various concerns of flat buyers.

Speaking after the two day long deliberations, Urban Development Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government Suresh Khanna also acknowledged the issue of power disconnection in various societies despite many flat owners paying the bill.

He said, “Many flat owners have appealed to us demanding separate connection. We held meetings with various senior officials of power corporations and have reached to the conclusion that such arrangement is not possible due to logistical issues. If any such thing has to be adopted it will take a lot of time and might not be very beneficial to the flat owners”.

He however promised relief from the power-cuts to the flat owners who pay their bills and said, “Under no circumstance the bill paying flat owners will face power cut. There are arrangements in the societies that they pay their bills to builders and might have to face power-cuts if the bill hasn’t paid to the corporations. But now we have asked the concerned officials to adopt measures to resolve this issue. In future the department will work in this regard”.

In recent time Greater Noida’s AVJ height residents have faced much inconvenience due to disconnection of electricity. Many of the residents however have paid their bills on time, yet the power outage caused water, electricity and lift issues to all residents of this high-rise.

With this assurance of the senior minister in UP Cabinet, it is being expected that such injustice might be avoided in future.

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