BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh at New Delhi

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The BJP expresses its grave concern over the manner in which the UPA

government is operating its Pakistan policy. On the one hand India facing a series of

ceasefire violations from Pakistan and on the other hand the UPA Government’s response

towards such acts of aggression has been submissive.

After making a failed attempt to buy peace with Pakistan at New York, the UPA

government has now allowed Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s advisor Sartaj Aziz

to meet and hold talks with Kashmiri separatist leaders in New Delhi. Why Mr Aziz is given

this opportunity when Pakistan is committing acts of aggression in the state of Jammu

and Kashmir? This is something blatantly against the established international diplomatic

Pakistan has been trying hard to internationalize the Kashmir issue for the past

many years. Kashmir issue was recently raised once again at the UN General Assembly

meeting this year by Pakistan. In the absence of a long term strategic thinking and direction

the UPA government’s Pakistan policy has been driven by adhocism. By allowing Mr Sartaj

Aziz to hold talks with Kashmiri separatists the UPA government has committed another

diplomatic blunder with serious costs to national security and national interest.

The BJP demands that Mr Aziz should be stopped from holding talks with Kashmiri

separatists on Indian soil. Kashmir issue is India’s internal matter and it should be resolved

through a home grown solution.

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