BJP takes jibe on AAP after they announced Free Bus Services for Delhi Women & Girls

Vishal Malhotra / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi (29/10/2019): BJP leader Ramesh bidhuri today targeted Aam Aadmi party after Arvind Kejriwal declared free bus rides for Delhi women and girls.

Bidhuri while delivering speech said that, “Aam Aadmi party is just trying to grab the attention of Delhi’s public and will surely take his words back after he get successful in upcoming elections.”

“There were almost 7,000 DTC buses in the year 2014 when Arvind Kejriwal became the chief minister of Delhi and when we look towards the number of buses left today, we find only 3800 buses because rest of them were left unused because they reached there expiry dates due to a long time usage!”, added Bidhuri.

Ramesh Bidhuri also added, “Arvind Kejriwal has today announced free rides for women and girls but the truth is that there wouldn’t be any bus left after 6 to 7 months because the 3800 versus data left will be expiring in next 6 to 7 months.”

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