Blix Education sets up STEAM Labs in Schools of Mumbai to unlock the potential of students

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Mumbai, 20 June 2024: Blix Education, a fun and creative education brand that has designed a revolutionary STEM ecosystem for schools to create truly impactful learning experiences for students has recently set up an exclusive STEAM lab in Mumbai at Prabhat Scholars Academy, Silvassa. This move proves to be a significant step in the implementation of its cognitive educational approach, designed to be playful for children, easy to execute for teachers, manageable for schools, and satisfying for parents.

The Blix STEAM Lab overcomes the challenges of the traditional education system, dominated by theoretical concepts and curriculum. Focused on providing intuitive learning and growth opportunities, it fulfills the obligation of NEP2020 by introducing ‘learning by doing’ techniques to experiment with STEM and learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Electronics, Electricity, Coding, Robotics and Foundational Physics.

“As a community of builders, creators, and future change-makers, we’re committed to uplift the lives of millions of students by giving them impactful, and joyful learning experiences. In tandem, the establishment of STEAM labs in schools, along with the provision of trained educators reflect our vision to drive the adoption of “learning by doing” techniques. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to establish schools as a haven for hands-on STEAM learning”, said Abbas Gabajiwala, Founder of Blix Education.

The STEAM lab’s integrated curriculum is designed to provide teachers with the tools to instil the vital fundamental skills needed to excel in today’s fast-paced world. With a keen attention to detail, Blix creates the STEAM curriculum in a meticulous manner, with increased emphasis on simplicity of content, and reduced dependability on teachers. Blix’s unique approach positions teachers as facilitators, allowing them to support, offer guidance and focus on students struggling with understanding the concepts, fostering a more personalised teaching experience.

Having understood the primary problem faced by schools in setting up a STEAM lab, Blix addresses this challenge by bridging the gap between the initial setup and post-support. To ensure this, Blix offers schools with a network of trained and experienced STEAM teachers and also takes up the responsibility to train them in accordance with the curriculum. This essentially enables them to take precedence over other competitors, by offering schools with after set-up support and maintenance of labs.

Blix’s STEAM labs include an array of educational toys, and robotics kits that facilitate learning by playing with tools like sensors, motors, software, and others, enabling problem-solving along with development of critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

Since Blix manufactures all its products in-house, it offers easy access to all schools including government schools. Backed by Make in India capabilities, it makes the availability of spare parts and warranty for all tools easy along with robust after-sales support.

Furthermore, Blix’s education model has impacted over 5000 schools in India and has encouraged 2 million students to showcase an increased interest in tech fields which has bolstered their ability to create and ideate, whilst boosting confidence. The company’s push to install STEAM labs is a testament to its ability to build an ecosystem of innovation backed by intuitive robotics, electronics, coding, AI, and ML products.

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