Board Exams Twice a Year, Dual Language Study for Class 11 and 12, Announces Government

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New Delhi, August 23, 2023: In a significant move aligned with the New Education Policy (NEP), the Central government has unveiled a sweeping transformation in the education system, ushering in changes that will reshape the learning landscape.

The Ministry of Education has announced a comprehensive curriculum revamp, setting the stage for the development of textbooks slated for the 2024 academic session.

Under the revised framework, students in Class 11 and 12 will be required to study two languages, with the stipulation that at least one of them must be Indian. A pivotal shift comes in the form of board examinations, which will now be conducted twice a year. What’s noteworthy is that students will have the liberty to retain their best score, enhancing opportunities for academic progress.

The thrust of these board exams will focus on assessing students’ comprehension of subjects, alleviating the undue pressure of extensive coaching and rote memorization. The aim is to foster a more holistic understanding of subjects and promote genuine learning.

Breaking down traditional barriers, the curriculum update grants students in the 11th and 12th grades the flexibility to select subjects beyond the confines of specific streams. This innovative approach empowers students to tailor their educational journey according to their interests and aspirations.

Amid these changes, a forward-looking perspective is adopted in terms of examination scheduling. School boards are directed to establish the capacity to provide examinations based on demand, ensuring greater adaptability.

The Ministry also emphasizes the professional development of those designing and evaluating board exams. A prerequisite for this responsibility now includes completion of university-certified courses, ensuring a higher standard of assessment.

Notably, the ministry envisions a departure from the conventional practice of strict textbook adherence within classrooms. This move aims to streamline costs and optimize learning materials, reflecting a dynamic approach to education delivery.

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