Bollywood Newbie to Political Heavyweight : Ten News Exclusive Conversation with LJP MP Chirag Paswan


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New Delhi :– Six years back he was nominated for Stardust Awards Superstar of Tomorrow category and 4 years back he won a Lok Sabha seat with a thumping majority.
Member of Parliament and chairman of parliamentary Committee of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) Chirag Pasan, who represents Jamui district of Bihar spoke with Ten News on different current issues.

Actor-turned-politician Chirag Paswan has entered in active politics since 2014 after debuting in Bollywood with his film ‘Miley Na Miley Ham’ in 2011.

LJP is the regional political party of Bihar, which currently has 6 MPs and 2 MLAs. LJP is an ally of NDA government and planned to fight 2019 election with NDA.

Interview of Chirag Paswan with Ten News correspondent Kashif Hasnain, read full text—

Q – Even after 70 years, governments failed to make farming a profitable profession. Do you think, our leaders intentionally ignoring it or there is a problem in our political structure?
A – Indeed it is true that the issue is neglected by our leaders. Either their intention or policies were not good. Farmers’ are still struggling with the problems which they were facing before independence. However, NDA government is working and recently cabinet has decided to increase the Minimum Support Price. If previous governments had worked like NDA the situation would be different.

Q – GST, demonetization, violence against dalits, minorities across the country and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s sudden shift from Mahagathbandhan to BJP has changed the perception of voters. In all circumstance, where you find NDA in Bihar?
A – There is no crack in NDA in Bihar. Though, it is in more strong position than in 2014. These hard steps were taken for long term benefit by the union government, though, it was a short term pain but for long term gain. Now people are seeing the change. And how much people are happy with us, they will tell in 2019 general election.

Q – Recent by-polls in Bihar were not in favour of NDA. In between Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) is gaining popularity. Do you think, there is RJD’s wave in Bihar and they may come to power with Muslim-Yadav votes?

A – No, there is no RJD wave in the state. But it is true that recent by-elections were not gone well for the NDA because in states like UP, Bihar the election is usually fought on cast basis unlike development. I hope, 2019, election would be fight on development agenda.

If 90’s equation emerges in Bihar, then it is hazardous. We have not forgotten 15-year RJD regime, where loot, murder, rape were rampant and criminals had support from the government. And I have no doubt to say that these RJD leaders were involved in crimes till neck. We have witnessed the same during RJP-JD(U) collision government recently.

Q — Mahagathbandhan is gaining popularity among voters. And there is rumor that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar may join Mahagathbandhan. What do you think?
A – I’m not a JD(U) spokesperson, who clearly speak on this. But, I must say, JD(U) is with NDA and will fight 2019 election as key alley. As far as Mahagathbandhan is concern there are many differences and they will fall apart.

Q – BJP National president Amit Shah will visit Bihar on July 12, 2018. What would be the key issue, LJP will discuss with him?
A – He is paying official visit as part of his tour. As far as LJP is concern, commenting anything at this point of time is not correct, we will reveal our stand and seats before election.

Q – You become Member of Parliament from Jamui district, which is one of the most backward areas of the state, what is your report card?
A – As you have said Jamui is not a developed district but as representative I have commenced several development projects such as – opening of Kendriya Vidyalaya and Medical College, electrification of villages, revamp of railway station, construction of indoor stadium, and several other farming schemes.

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