“Bollywood and Women” Ranjhnaa Actress Swara Bhaskar Open Up with her Bollywood Experience!


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NEW DELHI : Swara Bhaskar today attended a session at Times Literature Festival, New Delhi. She talked about Women and Cinema as well as touched other subjects as well.

Talking about her interest in Cinema, she said, “India is a Cinema going nation so it was pretty natural that I also have interest in it”

She was asked as to how she got ideas about becoming an actor given that both her parents are into more serious career roles. She said, “Chitrahaar was my biggest motivation for going to Bollywood. I was so impressed by it that I somehow wanted to come into Chitrahaar”.

She also said that it is more about being passionate about acting than exactly being trained for it. She said, ” I have never been to an acting school. But I have learned a lot through my journey”.

Talking about how Bollywood biggies do not speak much about various important issues she said, “A lot of people invest a very big amount of money in any project. So it is important for them to stay out of any controversy that can hurt the prospects of their project”.

About her being more outspoken she says, ” I can speak more freely because I am at a position where I do not have much to loose”.

She also termed her last movie “Anarkali of Arrah’ a watershed moment in the Hindi Film Industry.

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