Bookmakers of India – General Overview

General Information

At this stage of betting companies’ development, in 2022, they are all in constant competition, each of them trying to prove that they are the best in the gambling services market. For example, betbarter. Every day, new promotions are invented for a certain audience to capture as many regular customers as possible. 

For a newcomer to online gambling betting, it will be difficult to figure out which company provides better services. Each company is better than the other in a certain area. Below we will tell you about the best bookmakers according to the gambling community of the Republic of India.

Law and Bookmaker

All online betting companies go through the process of registering their activities based on passing the whole company check. Initially, an application for registration is submitted to the body that has the right to grant this kind of license. The area of the countries to which the services will be provided is selected. After passing a full-scale inspection with a positive result, the company is further subjected to additional frequent inspections, which cover all areas of the company. If any violations are detected, the company’s activity is suspended and will have this status until the end of the inspection. If the violations are eliminated – the company will regain all its rights to provide online betting services.

Another example of legality is the mandatory signing of an agreement with the Governments of the states on whose territory the company is going to operate. Without this agreement, the players from a certain state can not use all of the functionality of the site, or part of the functionality.

Player Protection

Websites and other company platforms are subject to code protection to keep their users’ data safe. The first example of such protection is SSL encryption, which consists of surface code on the underlying code with which the platform is written. 

This method allows restricting access even for viewing personal data of users inside the company, i.e. only the top administrators who manage the information inside the platforms or who deal with the security of player data will have access.

The second example is called two-factor identity authentication. What does it mean? After going through the registration process, the player will have to provide their documents that will prove that they are the one. The documents that prove your identity are your passport, driver’s license, or national ID card. The support service asks each user to pass this kind of verification. 

You will just need to send scans or photos of your documents to the security email address, which you can find under “Contact info” or “Security”. While your identity is being verified you will be limited in what you can do on the platform. After a positive result of verification – everything will be returned to its place. In the case of a negative response to the verification – your account will be blocked, sometimes with the right to restore, sometimes without the right to restore. Use online betting platforms following their statutes and do not violate the rules of the community. Good Luck!

We almost forgot to mention the protection of transfers within the company or any other transactions of your money. Both SSL encryption and double authentication can protect your transfer. But, some betting companies have such protection which is used by banking institutions to protect their customers all over the world, but it costs a lot of money to implement and then support such a system. The other companies use a simpler way to provide this level of protection – limiting the method of withdrawal. They leave only one method, bank transfer, in which case all of your transactions go under the jurisdiction of the bank or banking institution’s protection.

Mobile App

Not every player can afford to play at the table on his computer or laptop when he wants to. Because of this fact, online betting companies try to develop their mobile app. The app is rarely available on the App Store or Play Market platforms. Thus, you can find the link to download the mobile application on the official website of the company or in the section “Application”. 

This kind of app is always optimized even for older devices, it will adjust to your screen, all the functions will be available, and you can easily figure out how to bet through the app and be able to bet right on your way to work, for example. If the company hasn’t had a chance to develop its app yet, they are introducing the possibility of using a mobile version of its website. The mobile version of the website is supported by all devices (cell phone or tablet), all the functionality of the platform is also available and the registration process is no different from the website on a PC or laptop. Place your bets when YOU want to!

Top 5 Best Bookmakers

We will present you with a list of the top 5 bookmakers that operate in India. This information is formed based on statistics from surveys conducted among the Indian gaming community.

  1. BetBarter;
  2. PariMatch;
  3. 22Bet;
  4. 12Bet;
  5. 1xBet.

Each of these companies has its advantages and disadvantages, but players chose them in such areas as withdrawal methods, amounts for minimum and maximum withdrawals, availability of mobile applications, clear platform interface, better graphics, and bonus offers.

Company Promotions

The first type of promotional bonus considers the welcome bonus. BetBarter offers a rare opportunity to receive a welcome bonus without depositing your first funds into your deposit account. The conditions for getting a bonus of 100 Indian rupees are only registration and login to your account. The other companies provide this kind of bonus only after making a deposit and the first deposit of 300 Indian rupees (this is the minimum amount of the first deposit for a welcome bonus among the companies).

The second type can be called bonuses in the form of promo codes. You can find promo codes on the main page of the official website of the platform, as well as on the websites of the company’s partners. Some of them will be “hidden” among other information about the company, find your promo code and get the opportunity to buy 1000 Indian rupees bonus funds, you can also get personal odds on a certain event from the world of sports and use it at any time that suits you.

The companies also have weekly or even daily promotions. The most popular one is the weekly cashback for a whole week’s worth of losses. For example, on the BetBarter platform, you will be able to get up to 30% cashback on your losses during the whole week. This type of bonus is given once a week. The conditions for receiving this kind of bonus are bets with certain odds or bets on certain sports or certain events. 

Every week the conditions for getting the bonus change, so keep your eyes open and don’t miss out on a good deal! Regarding daily bonuses, BetBarter bookmaker offers bonuses in the form of cashback on bets with certain odds or free bets. Read the conditions for each of the promotions or bonuses and don’t miss your offer!

Advantageous Offers for India

For all residents of the Republic of India, as well as players who are located in the territory of this state will be nice: the use of national currency on the platforms, the availability of the most popular payment systems, and individual bonuses and promotions.

National currency – Indian rupees, which in many companies are accepted not just as another currency, but as the main currency for all types of transfers (first deposit or withdrawal). Thanks to the support of the national currency Indian players can not worry about money conversion, and the possibility of receiving cash, because every local bank will be able to give you cash from your account. 

Payment systems that are popular in India are:

  1. Neteller;
  2. Visa;
  3. MasterCard;
  4. Skrill;
  5. Bank transfer;
  6. Electronic wallets (cryptocurrency payments of some bookmakers are also provided).

These payment systems, if supported by the company, give more freedom to players’ actions, and give real possibilities to deposit or withdraw money directly to your bank account in a short time. Choose your payment system and start betting today.

VIP Status

For the most active users of online betting platforms, we offer a system of rewards – VIP statuses for players.

The companies differ in the number of levels of VIP status and also in the privileges which are available at each level. You increase your level after you earn a certain amount of bonus points, which you accumulate in your account and you can use both for bonus offers and to upgrade your level among VIPs. VIP status can be obtained by any user from anywhere in the world. The conditions for obtaining it are temporary activity on the platform. Each player’s activity on the platform is reviewed by the administrators of the appropriate department in the company and if they decide that you are ready to receive VIP status, you will receive a special message to your email address. You will be presented with a list of rules for the rewards program and if you are happy with it, you just have to confirm that you are becoming a VIP member. 

Each level offers different types of promotions and a different number of them. Raise your level you can thanks to the bonus points you receive by fulfilling certain conditions (the conditions vary at each level, somewhere it is an increase in activity and time spent on the platform, and somewhere it is the number of bets you have to make for a certain period). Follow the conditions, earn points and increase your VIP level on the platform. P.S. at the highest levels even such kind of bonus is available as a tourist trip to one of the partner countries of the company, do not miss your chance!

Support Service

All bookmaker offices provide their customers with round-the-clock security service, which employs the most qualified professionals who know the world of online betting, and most importantly – they know how to solve absolutely any problem that may occur to the user. Ways to contact support: direct phone number (not available for all regions, the waiting time depends on the load of the call center), e-mail (available to all, the address is on the main page of the platform, waiting time from 30 minutes to 7 days), online chat (available to all players directly on the website, waiting time from 1 minute to 15 minutes). Contact us where it is more convenient for you to understand how to solve your problem!

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