#Breaking: India sets milestone in inland waterways transportation #ModiGovernmentAchievements #NitinGadkari #Waterways

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Rivers have defined India for centuries. The name India itself is based on river ‘Sindhu’. The geographical boundary of the country has long been called ‘the land of Sapt-Sindhu’. As the Harappan civilization declined, the epicenter of civilization shifted to Ganges. The river Ganga plays very important role in Hinduism, as a river as well as a deity. Today, Indo-Gangetic plain is among the very rare regions of the world where perennial rivers exist. However, for decades, the option to use perennial rivers was not well explored. Modi government pushed for using Inland waterways after coming to power and developed National Waterway-1, Kolkata to Varanasi. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, shipping and water resources, Nitin Gadkari flagged off the first cargo container movement on October, 30.

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