Breathing Easy: Dr. Arvind Kate Delivers Essential Tips for Respiratory Wellness

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By Kala Natrajan
(Life Coach and Author of motivational books)


New Delhi (25/02/2024): Recently, Dr. Arvind Kate, a distinguished Consulting Chest Physician, gave an interview to Ten News. Dr. Kate provided invaluable insights into cultivating a robust respiratory system. Here are the highlights from our discussion:

Q: Dr. Kate, could you outline the major lung-related diseases?

Dr. Kate: Lung-related ailments can be categorized into two main types: short-term and long-term. Short-term issues include conditions like bronchitis, often triggered by viral or bacterial infections, resulting in symptoms such as coughing, fever, and breathing difficulties due to environmental factors like weather or poor air quality. Long-term diseases encompass chronic conditions like asthma.

Q: What are the causes of allergies, and how are they linked to asthma?

Dr. Kate: Allergies vary from person to person and can exacerbate when individuals are exposed to specific environmental triggers. High levels of allergies predispose individuals to conditions like asthma, characterized by symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose. Asthma itself is often an allergic response, influenced by genetic predisposition and individual susceptibility.

Q: What dietary recommendations do you have for maintaining a strong respiratory system?

Dr. Kate: Research suggests that consuming fruits at least four times a week can help prevent allergy and asthma symptoms in children. Conversely, a diet high in junk food, consumed more than three times a week, can increase allergic tendencies, bronchitis, and asthma.

Q: How beneficial are exercises, yoga, and pranayama for respiratory health?

Dr. Kate: Physical activities, yoga, and pranayama contribute significantly to respiratory health. Yoga not only enhances physical well-being but also promotes mental peace and calmness. Practices like Surya Namaskar are particularly recommended. Even individuals from affluent backgrounds can be susceptible to tuberculosis, and incorporating regular exercise, a balanced diet, and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can be effective remedies.

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