Canon India Expands Pixma G-Series Printers technology in Indian market with its latest high speed Ink Tank Printers!


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New Delhi: (12/06/2019) Canon India Expanding latest Printers technology in Indian market and Reinforcing its leadership position in the Ink Tank category today expanded its iconic PIXMA G Series line-up with the new category launch of Monochrome Ink Tank Printer PIXMA GM2070 and launch of two variants in the colour Ink Tank printers PIXMA 66070, PIXMA 65070.

The PIXMA 66070 is a multi-function printer allowing users to use it as a copier and scanner, while PIXMA 65070 and PIXMA GM2070 are single function printers. The new line-up features the popular integrated Ink Tank design, automatic two sided printing, large paper feeding capacity, and full network compatibility, making them ideal for customers with high print volume demands.

The new models are specifically designed to lower business printing costs when compared to mono laser printers. With an ultra-low printing cost of approximately 8 paisa per print, the latest G series printers are equipped to reduce the cost of printing by almost 90%, as compared to mono laser printers, which costs approximately Rs. 2 per print with original toners.

Speaking at the launch Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India said, “At Canon India, our endeavour has always been to consistently bind innovation together with service that enhances customer delight. Our foray into the ink tank category was a critical milestone to our printer business, which has led to a steady growth in our market share in the inkjet category. This has also led to the Consumer System Products division become one of the highest contributing businesses for us in India. As we continue to grow stronger and drawing from the success, we are proud to launch the latest addition to our PIXMA G-series.”

Talking about the future plans Kobayashi added, “I am optimistic that the launch will further enhance our presence in India, and increase our market share by 25% in the ink tank category. With this endeavour we believe that our new product range will cater to our commitment of enriching experience for our customers as well as be a significant step in attaining double digit growth for our business.”

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