CarTrade Tech urges employees to adopt Electric Vehicles (EV) by setting up a no-cost EV charging station

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Mumbai, June 12th, 2023: CarTrade Tech’s renowned platforms, CarWale & BikeWale, have established an EV charging station within their office premises in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The move is a proactive step to facilitate convenient and seamless EV charging for their employees. As India’s leading online auto platforms, they are committed to empowering their workforce with accessible and trouble-free EV charging facilities.

The 24hr EV charging station comprises 7.2 KW DC compatible with a CCS2 charger, and fast charging ports that can easily and efficiently charge 2 vehicles at a time. Moreover, the exclusive charging station can be used for both two and four-wheeler vehicles.

The provision of employee charging stations serves a dual purpose: to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among the workforce and to alleviate any concerns or apprehensions they may have regarding EV charging. By shouldering the cost of installing these charging stations, the company actively contributes to the development of the EV infrastructure in the country, steadily advancing towards a greener future.

Commenting on this employee-benefit initiative, Avijit Bhattacharya, COO – Consumer Business, CarTrade Tech, said; “We at CarTrade Tech take our responsibility towards our employees and the environment very seriously. Also, we are extremely passionate about the green revolution of the automobile sector and want to have a substantial hand in it through the smallest of our efforts. We believe that by having an EV Charging Station in the office premises, our employees will feel encouraged to make the transition to green vehicles.  EVs are the future and we believe that change starts from your own backyard. We are hopeful that a large number of our vehicle-owning employees convert to EV advocates and users in the coming years.”

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