CBSE planning Artificial Intelligence curriculum with IBM

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New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning a curriculum for Artificial Intelligence subject for high school programme in association with IBM. The programme aims to ensure the current students are ready to be a part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) workforce. Students from classes 9 to 12 will be able to study it as an elective subject.

The IBM is set to conduct pilot project in around 1,000 schools in Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. This subject will be introduced in the next academic session only after the success of the project. The pilot has been launched in Delhi on Wednesday.

This initiative will help participants develop AI knowledge, skills and values through multi-media online resources, as well as hands-on activities and sequencing of learning experiences.

The programme includes three stages: orientation workshop, teacher training, training for students.

In the initial stage, the programme will create awareness among school principals, which will be followed by a two-and-a half day training of teachers on the foundational skills for the subject. Then, the participating students will have to undergo a five-stage training. The training will include research-informed readings, customised online resources and hands-on projects. The curriculum includes orientation on AI deployment, and students making a minimum viable prototype.

AI is a discipline in computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines, machines that can learn and then teach themselves. These machines, then, can process vast amount of data than humans can, and several times faster. AI can invade all disciplines to change the world from creating new healthcare solutions, to designing hospitals of the future, improving farming and our food supply, helping refugees acclimate to new environments, improving educational resources and access, and even cleaning our oceans, air, and water supply.

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