Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi Backed Chain of restaurants, Big Bros launches three cloud kitchens today!

Vishal Malhotra (Photo-Video) Lokesh Goswami Tennews New Delhi :

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Gurgaon (08/11/2019): Gurgaon witnessed the launch of Big Bros Restaurant today, a chain of internet restaurants backed by celebrity chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.

Big Bros Restaurants has launched three innovative cloud kitchen brands, MeatMe, BhookHara and Chaatoreez , each offering a unique experience to food lovers!

Big Bros has been launched by the founding team with the mantra, “Taste over opulence”, which makes it first such chain of cloud kitchens in the industry. While most online restaurants or cloud kitchens focus only on quick delivery, huge discounts and serving a larger customer base, the aim for Big Bros is to go an extra mile and deliver an experience with amazing tasteat the customer’s doorstep.

Speaking to Ten News, Rajat Sahni, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Big Bros said, “Till date, Indians haven’t had a food experience at their doorstep that can rightfully compete with a visit to the restaurant. Through Big Bros,we are changing this trend by curating & delivering authentic food experiences to the customer, wherever they may be. We are launching the service with three brands and will be and expanding our portfolio as we grow.”

“Food has been my passion and Big Bros now allows me to take the taste of my food to every home in the country. I am excited at the prospect of creating a mesmerising food experience at the customer’s doorstep. My food has always had a tadka and similarly, Big Bros is the tadka that the food industry needed.” the Special Guest and Brand Ambassador Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi added.

The Restaurant has carefully selected the first three brands after years of experience and knowing the likes and dislikes of our modern yet desi on taste audience. All the three brands are unique by its story and experience it intends to deliver therefore our cuisines ensure that we have something for all – With everyday meals in Bhookhara, your evening snack and weekend cheats with Chaatoreez and full some Mutton Craving satisfied with Meat Me.

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