Clash over parking issue takes communal turn in Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazar area

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (2/7/2019): Tension prevailed in Old Delhi’s Chawri Bazar area on Tuesday, 2 July, after a scuffle over parking issue between two communities of the area took a violent turn on Monday.

Following the tense situation, people on social media started circulating videos claiming that a Muslim mob desecrated a Hindu temple in the vicinity. However, priest of the temple Anil Kumar Pandey, in an interview to a news portal, said that a fight broke out outside the temple after which the temple was attacked”

“They broke the idols of the deities and burnt the curtains of the temple. I don’t want anything but that they should be punished,” Pandey added.

He further said “he can’t comment if the incident was a communal one, but emphasised on the fact that it shouldn’t be given a communal colour stating that it’s against humanity”.

One of the residents of the area who runs a clinic in the area while talking to the news portal said, “A boy was parking outside a shop and when the owner said no to it, an argument ensued. Following this, a few other men came and beat the boy up. Now when he was being taken to the hospital people found out that he was beaten and since it was between two communities the word spread like wild fire

He further said that this led to stone pelting between two groups in which the temple was hit.

“The stones which were thrown hit the temple. But now it is being portrayed as the temple was vandalised. But this was only a rumour.”

Appealing to the police and government to contain such rumours, he said, that it is an internal issue and no one else has the right to spread rumours about the two communities of the area.

Earlier, on Monday, Delhi police had assured that all efforts were being made to pacify the situation and maintain “amity

The police has now arrested three people in connection with the incident, according to the news agency ANI. However a group of people, resorted to sloganeering demanding the arrest of all the people involved in the incident on Tuesday.

Union Minister and Chandni Chowk MP Harsh Vardhan, visited the area on Tuesday, said that the “culprits” will be arrested and punished

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