Congress Distances itself from Salman Khurshid’s “Blood on its hands” Statement, calls it personal view

Prerit Chauhan (Photo/Video) By Lokesh Goswami Ten News Delhi :

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New Delhi: On the 25th Silver Jubilee Panchayati Raj Day, the lndian National Congress offered good wishes to more than thirty-two lakh elected Panchayati Raj representatives of which about half are women. The Congress Party also took this Opportunity to pay homage to the democratic forefathers who gave the world the concept of Gram Swaraj, Nagar Gana-rajya and Republicanism more than 500 years back.

The Congress party also dissociated itself from its senior leader Salman Khurshid’s controversial comments that his party’s hand is stained with blood of Muslims. Hours after Khurshid’s remarks, Congress leader and spokesperson PL Punia addressed media and said, “Congress disagrees with statement of Salman Khurshid in toto. This statement represents his personal views. Everyone must know that both prior&post independence Congress is the only party which has worked towards building an egalitarian society by carrying all sections of peoplel together as also religious and ethnic minorities.”

On the Occasion, PL Punia also Accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Misleading and making propaganda speech about ‘Rashtriya Grameen Swaraj Abhiyan’ . Targeting Modi he Said, “Congress would like to bring to the notice of the people of India that during the last four years Narendra Modi’s government has systematically annihilated the entire Panchayati Raj System in the if country by starving the Panchayats of funds and making them beggars before respective State Governments.”

He Further Said “ln discontinuing the Centrally Sponsored Schemes, like the Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF). Policies like MGNREGA are implemented in the true spirit by the Panchayats. But it is unfortunate that the Central government is slashing down MGNREGA funds to states ruled by opposition parties.In Haryana, the state government has amended its Panchayati Raj law, and included absurd terms and conditions. Why is the BJP drafting laws that are stunting the growth of underprivileged sections.”

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