​Early detection complemented with holistic medicare can help conquer cancer far more effectively.

A Special Report by Bipin Sharma

It was the sheer trauma of cancer patients and the alarmingly rising number of cancer cases that encouraged the numero uno herbal beauty diva Shahnaz Husain to launch her Chemoline range for the skin and hair. Comprising a skin cream and hair tonic, the Chemoline range is Ayurveda based that optimally uses the healing properties of herbs. Her philanthropic commitment to the cause of cancer patients and the side effects of Chemotherapy inspired Shahnaz to give the Chemoline range free of charge to Cancer Hospitals such as Sloan Kettering in New York and Tata Memorial, as part of CSR activities.

Speaking at a cancer awareness event organized by Magic Hands and Bliss Foundation at Gardens Galleria, Noida, the Pioneer of Ayurvedic and Organic Beauty care Shahnaz said, “The need of the hour is to create awareness about Cancer so that we can not only initiate timely treatment, but also drastically bring down the number of fatalities happening every year due to cancer in our country and the world. Early cancer detection helps initiate early treatment, thus eventually helping in mitigating the extent of damage. By shunning a sedentary lifestyle and making some dietary modifications, we can keep life threatening ailments and diseases like cancer at bay. Cancer is the leading cause of death around the world and the WHO estimates of people dying due to cancer sans intervention are very alarming and scary. Unlike the olden times, the incidents of cancer cases coming to the fore have considerably gone up, and one big factor responsible for this happens to be the ‘sedentary lifestyle pattern’. It is ironical that a substantial chunk of the population is still oblivious about the pertinence of going in for cancer detection tests. ‘Prevention is always better than cure’, and in today’s fast paced life, it has become all the more imperative to go in for early cancer screening so as to help nip the deadly disease in the budding stages. Cancers are lifestyle diseases with a majority happening due to environmental factors, and the rest due to genetics. Cancer is a disease of failure of regulation of tissue growth. One-third of all cancer cases are preventable and prevention is undeniably, the most cost-effective long-term strategy for cancer control. In order to spread concern, awareness, encourage the prevention, detection and treatment about the killer disease Cancer, the concept of celebrating February 4 as “World Cancer Day” (WCD) came into being. The campaign is led by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) which is a global consortium of more than 350 cancer-fighting organizations from over 100 countries. The Ayurveda based Chemoline range, comprising a skin cream and hair tonic is given free of charge to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York as part of our CSR activities.”


Sharing his perspective on Cancer, Global Pioneer of Holistic Medicine Dr RK Tuli says, “Early detection complemented with holistic medicare can help conquer Cancer far more effectively. Kudos to the ‘cancer champions’ for defeating the disease, and being a great source of inspiration to countless other cancer patients. There’s no ambiguity about the fact that Alcohol intake and tobacco consumption in any form are established risk factors for many types of cancer. Holistic medicare through its synergy of Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Panchkarma and Yoga offer a highly efficient drug free and reproducible de-addiction from their dependence, as well as detoxification of direct and indirect cumulative hazards of these two poisons. As a holistic physician, I have always opined that all diseases are due to the disturbance in the human bio-energy fields, and that it takes years to see the manifestation on to the physical body. It is important that the Auric fields don’t get disturbed, and we are keeping the immune system intact. It is scientifically known that every human being produces millions of cancer cells every day, which the human immune system is capable of discarding and replacing the malignant cells with healthy cells by its silent immune system. The cancer cells are caused due to both physical and mental pollutants. When these cells become excessive, and start accumulating at one particular site, it leads to a formation of cancer tumour. According to our Vedic concept, the human being is made up of several concentric layers of energy fields. When the disturbance starts in the energy layers, it may take several years to manifest at the physical level, and then it may take several more years to manifest as one of the symptoms of cancer. Only then, it may be detectable by the modern diagnostic technologies. Most of the time, when the cancer reaches the diagnostic stage, it is too late, and there is no cure really other than Surgery, Chemotherapy and/or Radiation therapy which sardonically does not know the distinction between the cancer cell and the healthy cell. Besides, there are various side effects caused by them. When the cancer spreads to the other parts of the body, the state is known as ‘metastasis’.

The holistic therapies help to complement the medical treatments by: (a) Enhancing the immunity of the individual

(b) Minimizing the side effects of the cancer treatments which further help the patient in enduring the trauma associated with the treatment. This eventually makes the patient respond better.

(c) Accelerating the recovery process of the patient and making it long lasting. Besides, it helps in minimizing the relapsing probability of the disease, thereby making the patient conquer the menace of the cancer.”

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