Crystal Crop boosts agri-business portfolio with acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds from Kohinoor Seeds

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New Delhi, Sep 28 (IANS) Crystal Crop Protection Limited, one of the fast-growing R&D-based crop protection manufacturing and marketing companies in India, has strengthened its cotton seeds portfolio with the strategic acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds business from Kohinoor Seeds.

The acquisition will boost Crystal’s goal of providing end-to-end innovative and progressive solutions to stakeholders in the cotton seed business.

With a persistent commitment to innovation and quality, Crystal Crops has consistently demonstrated its dedication to enhancing agricultural productivity and crop yields for farmers across the country.

Commenting on the acquisition, Satyender Singh, CEO of Seeds at Crystal Crop Protection, said: “We firmly believe that this strategic acquisition will not only reinforce our market presence in the Cotton Seeds segment but will also substantially enhance our reach and accessibility within the broader seeds industry.

“In a market where approximately five crore packets constitute the cotton seed sector, displaying consistent performance over recent years, the importance of cotton as a pivotal cash crop for farmers cannot be emphasized enough.

“Crystal’s commitment to actively collaborating with farmers to amplify their income levels remains consistent. This acquisition represents an important milestone in further solidifying Crystal’s presence within the cotton crop sector. We look forward to continuing the legacy of Sadanand and delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Pawan Kansal, Managing Director, Kohinoor Seed Fields India Private Limited said: “We are delighted that Crystal Crop Protection has acquired ‘Sadanand’. Crystal Crop Protection is a leading company in the segment and has been making giant strides in this space through focus on innovation and digitalisation. We believe that this acquisition will provide a unique synergy of strengths to build the brand further.”

Crystal’s seeds business has experienced substantial growth in recent years, driven by a combination of organic and inorganic expansion efforts.

The company occupies a formidable presence among the leading seed providers in multiple segments, including cotton, mustard, fodder, sorghum and pearl millet.

With the strategic acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds from Kohinoor Seeds, Crystal anticipates a substantial boost in its seeds business revenues, projecting an increase of approximately 20 per cent.

This significant acquisition marks the tenth addition to Crystal’s strategic portfolio and represents the fourth investment in the Seeds business.

Some notable acquisitions in the past have been the acquisition of Cotton, Pearl Millet, Mustard, and Sorghum portfolios from Bayer in 2021. In previous years, Crystal has successfully acquired a range of agrochemical and seed brands from multinational companies such as Syngenta, FMC, and Dow-Corteva, etc.

Additionally, the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of a production facility from the Solvay group in Nagpur in 2018.

Crystal continues to advance its position as a dynamic player in the agribusiness sector, driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and strategic expansion. This acquisition represents a valuable addition to Crystal’s diverse agribusiness portfolio.

The Sadanand brand is known for its high-quality cotton seeds, which have gained the trust of farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector over the years.

By incorporating Sadanand into its portfolio, Crystal aims to further empower farmers with research-backed, best-quality cotton seed varieties and advanced agricultural solutions.

Crystal’s acquisition of Sadanand Cotton Seeds is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainable agriculture and its mission to contribute to the prosperity of Indian farmers.

This strategic investment underlines Crystal’s unwavering commitment to research, development and innovation in the agri-business sector.



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