Dadri municipality to charge garbage tax, levy 20 times penalty

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Saurabh Kumar


Dadri municipality will now collect garbage tax from the residents. The municipality has decided that if the people do not pay the garbage tax then the municipality will recover twenty times fine. One such order has been shared by the Executive Engineer of Dadri Municipality on his Whats App Group to make people aware of this decision by municipality.

Vandana Sharma, the governing officer of the Dadri Municipality Council, said that Dadri Municipality is collecting garbage from house to house as per the administration order rule. The waste collection user charge has been implemented from January 13, 2018 after publication in sub-budget 2017. The municipality is collecting free garbage from the homes of people from October 2017. User Charge Sub-Plan 2017 has been made mandatory for garbage collection since February 2018. He said that on May 3, the board meeting of Dadri Municipality Council has been forwarded to the proposal to end the user charge unanimously. In this case, the recovery of user charges will not be eliminated in any way until the final decision of the government is received. He appealed to the people to deposit the user charge every month, otherwise the penalty will be charged twenty times.

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