Delhi suffering with ‘Kala Pani Ki Saza’ under AAP regime: Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari




New Delhi: Delhi BJP Chief and MP Manoj Tiwari made an all out attack on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and attacked his government over prevailing water crisis in Delhi and his failure in curb air pollution.

Later, he also indicated to launch an state-wide protest if these issues were not resolved.

While addressing media on Thursday at party office, he said, “Both, water and air are basic need of every human and this government has totally failed to provide drinking water and pure air.”

Referring to the media report over water crisis of getting polluted water, and recent report of World Health Organisation on Delhi’s air quality, he said, “We have heard about ‘Kala Pani Ki Saza’ when British were ruling in India and now this AAP government is supplying Kala Pani as a drinking water. It is like kala pani ke saza for Delhites. Moreover, the government has also failed to take any action to curb air pollution.”

Later, he mounted attack over a recent notification issued by the Delhi government in which if any contractual employee hold any protest demanding regularization, write letter to any authority and even if he wrote on any social platforms will be sacked without any delay.

While showing the notification of the Delhi government, Tiwari said, “On one hand Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that if Delhi has full statehood power, he will regularize all 1.5 lakh contractual employees within 15 days and now his government is issuing this tyrant letter which refraining them from showing disappointment. This is dual-standard of governing.”

Later, he demanded, “Delhi government immediately quash this tyrant notification and resolve this water crisis immediately else we will launch state-wide campaign against AAP government.”

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