Delhi will soon have its own education board apart from CBSE

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New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has recently revealed the plan to form a separate education board for Delhi. It will not be a replacement for the CBSE but a next generation board to help students prepare for entrance examinations like JEE and NEET.

The idea behind forming the board is to fulfil the needs of the students who prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams. The new board will resolve the problem of school students as the board will help them prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams without having to seek help of coaching centres.

“This is an irony but I see it as a blessing that there is no education board in Delhi. We are preparing to give Delhi its own education board,”Sisodia said.

“We thought about this in 2015 itself and even started working towards it. However, when we saw the condition of the buildings and got a sense of the scholastic environment in the classes, we realised that before introducing a new board, we had to first work on improving the infrastructure,” he told PTI in an interview.

Further, while elaborating on how the board and its curriculum is likely to be, Sisodia said they plan to have separate grades for subjects for students, keeping in mind what they want to pursue.

“You have four grades for subjects. For instance, divide science into four grades — science for doctors and engineers, science for sportsperson, science for humanities. If a child wants to become a journalist, he/she can take A grade language and maybe C grade of science so that if he has to cover science, he is well-versed with the basics,” Sisodia explained.

The Deputy Chief Minister has also highlighted on the need of having a separate board for Delhi in his recently launched book titled ‘Shiksha’.



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