Delhi youth reacts on the Central Government banning TikTok in India

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (17/4/2019): Leaving a Big disappointment for TikTok fans Government of India asked Google, Apple to take down app from Play Store, App Store respectively.

The Madras High Court ordered a ban on TikTok, directing the Central government to prohibit the download of the app. It said that the app hosts inappropriate content, including pornography, available for access to children.

Ten News team reached to the youths of Delhi to know about their opinion on the ban on Chinese application Tik Tok.

Some of the users of Tik Tok said, “this is not a good decision by the government to put a ban on a fun application. Seeing it as an application to harm or of wasting time is not right. People use these application in their free time, and how government can stop them using or doing anything”.

While on the other hand there are some supporters of the decision of the government who said, “banning these types of applications are a must and government should put ban on these types of applications more because the youths using them forgets about the real world and the loss they are facing in their studies and in their lives. Becoming a Tik Tok star will not solve the problems in your life”.

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