Despite Delhi CM’s disbelief, BJP will bring down prices in 30 days: Goel

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Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today emphasized that unlike Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party has not made false promises in its poll manifesto. He said that while the Congress government has failed to check rising prices, the BJP will bring down prices in 30 days.

Shri Goel said, “The Delhi Chief Minister may find it unbelievable to bring down prices of vegetables and other commodities, but the BJP has the policy wherewithal to bring down prices in 30 days. The BJP-led NDA government has kept the prices in check during its regime. The BJP has a solid mechanism to contain prices, something at which the Congress government has failed miserably.”

“The BJP is not surprised to see the Delhi Chief Minister’s astonishment over BJP’s promise to bring down prices in 30 days because her government does not know how to check rising prices. This is why, the people of Delhi have been facing lots of hardship for several months,” Shri Goel said.

Shri Goel said, “We have already explained how the BJP will reduce the power tariff by 30% by introducing competition among the power discoms, providing separate neutral to every household and bringing transparency in the functioning of the discoms among other measures. Similar targeted approach will be adopted to address the critical issues in Delhi. The BJP will accomplish in 15 months what Congress could not in 15 years in Delhi.”

Shri Goel further said, “In the last leg of the campaign, price rise, women’s safety, power, water and corruption are the key issues for the party. The BJP candidates will expose the congress government over these issues and offer BJP’s solution on the same. Over the next few days, the party will reveal various mechanisms to fix the problems created by the Congress government.”

The Delhi BJP has distributed talking points on the key issues among all the candidates to expose the Congress party in the final days of the campaign. The Delhi BJP President is personally monitoring and supervising the campaign in all the 70 constituencies in Delhi. The party is confident of registering a thumping victory over the Congress in the polls.

Shri Goel said that there has been unparalleled spurt in crimes against women in Delhi as the government has failed to live upto the challenges of the safety of women. There have been spurt of nearly 250% in rape cases and over 500% in both molestation and eve teasing cases.

On an average Delhi has witnessed 5 rapes, 10 molestations, 10 kidnappings and two reported cases of eve-teasing every day this year. What illustrates the rampant lawlessness is the near doubling of the number of women to have been kidnapped this year.

There is a visible groundswell of support for the BJP in Delhi. This is manifest whenever BJP leaders hold public rallies in Delhi. An unprecedented crowd of the masses attended the rallies addressed by BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modi. But, on the other hand, when Congress leaders including the Congress President and the Vice-president addressed the rallies, there were just 7,000 people in attendance. Even they started leaving the rally when the Congress top leaders started addressing them.

People of Delhi gave the Congress party a long rope but the Congress government has failed them by colossal mismanagement. Now, people are fed up with the Congress’ misrule, symbolized by the Chief Minister. Even a survey, which has appeared in newspapers today, said that many top leaders of the Congress including the Chief Minister are all set to lose the assembly elections.

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