DGCA Accepts Go First Airline’s Resumption Plan with Specific Conditions

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New Delhi, 22nd July 2023: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on Friday that it has accepted Go First’s suggested resuming plan. It went on to say that the airline would have to meet certain requirements.

This comes after Shailendra Ajmera, the airline’s Resolution Professional, recently requested Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from possible bidders.

The DGCA stated that it considered Go First’s resumption plan, which they accepted “subject to the outcomes of the writ petitions/applications” pending before the Delhi High Court and the (National Company Law Tribunal) NCLT.

It said that certain requirements must be met before flight operations can begin.

At all times, Go First will be expected to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements for holding an Air Operator Certificate. It must maintain the airworthiness or fitness of every aircraft involved in the operations.

The DGCA declared that no Go First aircraft will be deployed for operations unless a satisfactory handling flight is completed. Any change in the firm that affects the resuming plan given by the RP must be reported to the DGCA.

It said, “RP shall submit the proposed flight schedule, commensurate with the available resources in terms of airworthy aircraft, qualified pilots, cabin crew, AMEs, flight dispatchers etc., for the consideration ofDGCA after making requisite arrangements for commencement of scheduled flight operations, including the interim funding required for resumption of operations.”

The regulator emphasised that scheduled flight operations can begin only if the DGCA approves the flight schedule and the needed interim money is available. Once the flight itinerary has been approved by the DGCA, Go First can begin selling tickets.

The regulator said, “The flight operations shall be subject to the proceedings and/or outcomes in the ongoing CIRP at NCLT, Delhi and other writ petitions/applications by the Lessors of aircraft leased to Go First, which are pending in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and NCLT, Delhi. RP shall submit information as sought by DGCA from time to time.”

The ailing airline said on Thursday that the Go First flights will be cancelled until July 23 owing to operational issues.

Earlier this month, Go First encouraged possible buyers or investors to register their interest through a court-appointed administrator, in accordance with Indian law.

Go First filed for bankruptcy in May, blaming the grounding of nearly half of its fleet of 54 Airbus A320neos on suspected Pratt & Whitney engine problems. The engine manufacturer answered that Go Airlines’ assertions were false and that its misfortunes were entirely of its own doing.

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