Dhanvantari’s three magical ways to increase longevity

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By Celebrity Vastu Shastri Dr Sumitra Agarwal

New Delhi (22/09/2022): Just as birth is an unchanging truth, death is also an unchanging truth. Every man aspires to be immortal and is afraid of death. When a sick, unwell man is on the death bed, he is still eager to live. At the end of the day, when the life force leaves the body, it leaves the body with a lot of suffering. The very word death frightens a man. Dhanvantari had told some simple remedies for longevity. One day Dhanvantari reached Varanasi to meet his disciple Vangbhat. Vangbhat told the Guru that in more people are getting unwell and the number of patients has increased a lot. The Guru told him to ask everyone to do these three measures. Those three miraculous remedies are – Hitbhukh, Ritbhukh, Mitbhuk.
Hitabhukh means eat only what is beneficial.
Ritbhukh means, eat seasonal food.
Mitbhuk means eat less that the appetite.
Surprisingly, Vangbhat noticed that following these three things reduced the number of patients.

From my personal experience as a practitioner in the last two decades, I have found that not every food item is useful for everyone. Every person should get his food allergy test done and limit the consumption of things to which he is allergic, this can also increase longevity.

Now let’s talk about how the age of sage Maharishis is so high and why all of them go to the Himalayas to do penance. I will tell an interesting thing here, as Chambal is famous for dacoits and wrong deeds, in the same way, Himalaya is positive, for meditation and this is not a coincidence, the rivers coming out from Himalaya and Shivalik are coming from North to South and in Chambal, the direction of the river is in opposite direction, the river is going from South to North. Talking about Vastu rules, it is the direction of the flow of water which is making both the places like this. There is another reason why sages visit the Himalayas, and that is the temperature. By doing research on an amoeba, scientists found that if the body temperature is reduced by as much as 18.80, life expectancy increases. That is why our Maharishi gets absorbed in austerity by going to a place of temperature below zero.

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