DIMC Organises Panel Discussion on “Role of Indian Diaspora in Nation’s Socio Economic Development” in Delhi!


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New Delhi (15/01/2019): Acknowledging the importance of Indian diaspora’s widespread presence around the world and its role in contributing to the development and growth of India, the Diaspora India Media and Communication (DIMC), on Monday organized a high Powered panel discussion on theme of “Role of Indian Diaspora in Nation’s Socio-economic Development” at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi.

The organization had come into existence in 2013.

The sole aim of the organization was to become the voice and supporting hand of Indian Diaspora of India and to provide all the possible required support and recognition that has long been overdue.

The panel discussion saw the participation of Onkareshwar Pandey, Editor-in-Chief, Indian Observer Post & Managing Trustee, DIMC, Pooran Chandra Pandey, Founding CEO, DOC Research Institute, Berlin & Founding Chairman, DIMC, Dr Kamla Dutt, an Indian American accomplished author and Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, Secretary (CPV ans OIA), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

Speaking on the occasion, Dnynaneshwar Mulay, secretary in the ministry of external affairs (MEA), said,

“My own observations from past few decades is that we are vibrant because we are democratic, we are far more vibrant than the Chinese. We should not compare on the basis of GDP. Already the way we have established ourselves as economic power is amazing. Hard work and law abiding nature is in India. The biggest global companies have Indian CEOs.”

He further said, “We have growing artificial intelligence domain in which the Indian diaspora can perform well. Solar energy is also one of the rapidly growin topic. We will discuss these topics at Varanasi and we will take these participants for kumbh Snan and then to republic day parade as well. In my own view India doesn’t get out from any person.”

“Our diaspora in terms of strength is also very vibrant. Communication plays a very important role. We don’t have any experts to talk about diaspora. Currently many Indians who have done very well abroad still not feel comfortable. Slowly things are picking up but still these things can get much more effective.”

“Having some intresting announcement in Varanasi. Today evening significance is that we are moving right way. I’m really Delhighted to be part of this journey,” added Mulay.

Speaking to Ten News, Pooran Chandra Pandey, Founding CEO, DOC Research Institute, Berlin & Founding Chairman, DIMC, said, “Today’s program was devoted to Diaspora Resource and Exactly the theme of the program was what can be the role of Indian Diaspora in Country’s Socio Economic Development. We all know the significance of it and everyone outlined as to how Indian diaspora remits more than 70 billion dollars. The current world bank report puts Indian Diaspora remittances to India at 79 billion dollars which is by long sought ahead of China and everybody else.”

Talking about the DIMC role in in Nation’s Socio Economic Development, he said, “There are four pillars I talked about in my address that we will be taking up as priority. First of the one is hardcore research, evidence digging, the second one is we are trying to reach and approach Indian diaspora families which are left back in India, the third thing we are going to do is to act as a credible bridge between the Diaspora on one hand and the government of India on another hand and also do some work on public policies front.”

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