Divine, Karan Aujla’s ‘100 Million’ is an avant hip-hop track

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Mumbai, Jan 18 (IANS) Rapper Divine, who is known for ‘Paintra’, ‘Kohinoor’ and others, released a new track titled ‘100 Million’ in collaboration with rapper Karan Aujla, known for ‘Softly’, ‘White Brown Black’, ‘Mexico’ and ‘Players’. Karan is celebrating his birthday on Thursday and the track serves as a perfect musical treat for fans.

The track adds a new dimension to the hip-hop genre with its choice of programming. The verses are woven around a single chord progression with electric piano playing in prominence.

The music video of the track has been directed by Rupan Bal, Dilpreetvfx, and Anmol Raina. It is backed by stunning visuals and powered by Karan and Divine’s verses.

Talking about collaborating with Divine, Karan Aujla said: “This is an exciting time for the Indian music scene and it was cool working with Divine on this song and project that shows our journey and growth as artists over the years. Divine is crazy talented and I’m really happy with what we made when we linked up. It’s my gift to all my fans on my birthday, who have always been with me from the start.”

Divine said: “Karan is amongst the most talented songwriters and artists of our generation and we really hit it off creatively when we met in the studio. We both share similarities in our journeys growing up and coming up, this one’s for the streets and for our fans! Rupan Bal and his team did an incredible job on the video, much love to them”.

‘100 Million’ is available to stream on YouTube.



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