Dr. Anuj, a renowned Micro Surgeon and Author of two bestsellers, shares his thoughts with Ten News

Talib Khan

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New Delhi, (3/3/2019): Dr. Anuj, a renowned hand surgeon and micro surgeon, is presently serving as the Director of the Microsurgery Centre of Agra. A high profile professional, he has been a visiting hand surgeon to various hospitals including the USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. He has a passion for music and poetry. A lover of nature and beauty, Dr. Anuj has penned his thoughts through collection of Hindi poetry entitled Bhavranjini and also through his novel entitled That Erotic Silence.

While talking to Ten News at an event Dr. Anuj said, “I have endeavoured to play my part in ‘Nation Building’. For ensuring the progress of the nation, the society has to evolve both at the micro and the macro level. Every member of the society has to rise to the occasion, and address the lacuna’s in the system. I am optimistic that my book will serve as the guiding light to clear copious of myths, phobias and stigmas associated with the society presently.”

It was his endless love for music, poetry, and nature that led him to penning his poetic thoughts in his Hindi poetry book entitled ‘Bhavranjini’. Buoyed by the success of ‘Bhavranjini’, Dr Anuj turned over a new leaf by penning his first fiction novel entitled ‘That Erotic Silence’ that deals with a very bold and a sensitive subject.

The book received widespread appreciation for bringing to fore an extremely sensitive and a pertinent issue. ‘That Erotic Silence’ is a thought provoking book which presents an emotional voyage of a child from age three till adolescence. It’s a journey, full of intrigue and the child’s close encounters with the sexual and sensual activities happening around him. His experiences and self revelations, in a pursuit to decipher the truth behind the actual meaning of love.

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