Dr. Naresh Sharma, Honored by Global Yoga Luminary Dr. H. R. Nagendra at International Conference on Yoga Research

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New Delhi (31/01/2024): In a momentous occasion at the 25th International Conference on Yoga Research, Dr. Naresh Sharma, President of Kamdhenu Trust in Noida, found himself immersed in a profound sense of pride as he received an esteemed honor from none other than the globally acclaimed yoga luminary, Yoga Shri Padma Shri Dr. H. R. Nagendra.

A distinguished individual with a Ph.D., M.Tech, and a background as an ex-NASA scientist, Dr. Nagendra serves as the Founder Vice Chancellor and President of S-VYASA Bengaluru. His influential role extends to being the Chairman of the First International Day of Yoga, and notably, he is recognized as the personal yoga Guru to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The recognition is a testament to Dr. Naresh Sharma‘s exceptional contributions in the realms of Yoga-Darshan, Meditation, Gau Sewa, and Humanitarian Vision.

Dr. Nagendra’s acknowledgment of Dr. Sharma‘s work highlighted the significance of these multifaceted dimensions within the field of yoga.

This prestigious honor not only resonates within the corridors of the conference but also echoes across the global yoga community, underscoring the impact and significance of Dr. Naresh Sharma‘s endeavors. The acknowledgment from such a revered figure in the yoga world emphasizes the depth and breadth of Dr. Sharma‘s commitment to the principles and practices that embody the true essence of yoga.

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