Dr. Prabina Rajib Unveils Ambitious Plans for BIMTECH’s Future as New Director


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Greater Noida, 2nd July 2024: Dr. Prabina Rajib has taken the helm as the new Director of the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), succeeding Dr. Harivansh Chaturvedi, who recently retired. In an interview with Ten News at BIMTECH’s 37th Deeksharambh ceremony, Dr. Rajib shared her vision for the institute’s future.

“My goal is to elevate BIMTECH into one of India’s premier academic institutions, offering top-tier management education and pioneering academic programs,” Dr. Rajib declared, outlining her ambitious plans.

Reflecting on the legacy of her predecessor, Dr. Rajib expressed gratitude for Dr. Chaturvedi’s contributions. “We are very thankful to Dr. Chaturvedi for what he has done. The infrastructure, soft skills, and brand equity have been built very diligently by Dr. Chaturvedi over the last 24 years,” she said.

When asked about new initiatives, Dr. Rajib detailed significant updates to the curriculum, emphasizing a balanced approach between quantitative and qualitative learning. “We are integrating experiential learning and inviting industry leaders to enrich our students’ educational journey,” she explained.

Dr. Rajib also highlighted the importance of faculty research and development. “Our faculty will not only teach but also engage in research, conduct workshops, and enhance library resources,” she stated, underscoring her commitment to academic excellence.

Under her leadership, BIMTECH aims to provide every student with practical learning opportunities integrated into each subject. “Our aim is to prepare students not just with theoretical knowledge but with practical insights essential for the dynamic business landscape,” she emphasized.

BIMTECH welcomed the new batch of 480 students for the 2024-2026 academic session on Tuesday, promising comprehensive support for their mental and technical growth. “We are here to guide our students, but their journey to success is theirs to define. We eagerly await the opportunities ahead,” Dr. Rajib said.

Dr. Prabina Rajib’s vision and plans set a promising direction for BIMTECH, ensuring that the institution continues to thrive and produce industry-ready professionals.


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