Dr. Raman Puri interacts with Ten News, Shares the achievements of Lipid Association of India

Talib Khan

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New Delhi, (3/3/2019): Dr. Raman Puri is a world renowned senior cardiologist and the Chairman of Lipid Association of India. He is currently working as Senior Interventional Cardiologist at IP Apollo Hospital.

He established the Department of Cardiology in Safdarjung Hospital in 1992. He was Head of Cardiology Unit in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital prior to joining IP Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

He had worked as Fellow in Interventional Cardiology in Hospital Charles Nicolle, France and National Cardiovascular Center, Osaka-Japan.

His work involves interventions including Coronary angiographies, Coronary angioplasty and stenting, Valvuloplasty, Device closure of the heart defects such as ASD, PDA and pacemaker implantation besides clinical cardiology practice.

Dr Puri has also contributed to advances in intervention. He is the first interventional cardiologist in India to perform left atrail appendage closure for prevention of stroke in patients with atrail fibrillation.

While talking to Ten News in an event Dr. Puri shares about the lack of awareness in India about the cardiovascular diseases. He said, “He has a special interest in preventive cardiology especially dyslipidemia and hypertension. This problem in India has increased by 40% in the past 3 decades while on the other hand in the western countries it has decreased. The people here consumes more fats and carbohydrates in excess which is the initial step to increase the chances of getting these problems”.

We have to make people more aware about these small habits which can prevent the heart diseases. And also we have to educate them that if they are having some sort of problems they can have a routine checkup to diagnose any problem and prevent the diseases.

Lipid association has been working in this matter to educate people and make them aware about the lipid problems. But it is equally the responsibility of the people to take care of themselves and to have a routine body checkup to prevent big diseases.

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