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A section of media has cited today i.e. on 5.3.2021 TMC MP’s letter to CEO West Bengal demanding removal of Deputy Election Commissioner incharge of West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021 at ECI.  The following is brought to your kind notice: –

  1.       The complaint in question was apparently given to CEO, west Bengal, who has sent a copy to ECI headquarters.  The Commission would like to categorically state that all our Deputy Election Commissioners and other officials posted in the ECI headquarters and/or working in the field are discharging their duties strictly as per Constitution of India and the various extant rules regarding the conduct of elections.  There could be an odd exception here or there in which case EC takes corrective action immediately.  In the immediate case, the Commission has full faith in the integrity and fairness of Sudeep Jain, DEC.  Unfortunately, it is not for the first time that a concerted campaign is mounted against senior officers of the Commission on the eve of/during the process of elections.


  1.        In aforementioned news items mention has been made of allegations cited by TMC about two decisions taken by Jain during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when also he was Deputy Election Commissioner incharge at ECI of West Bengal ElectionsIt is clarified that both these decisions were taken by the Commission in the interest of holding free fair and peaceful elections and implemented by the district election machinery under supervision of DEC, Chief Electoral Officer, Police Nodal Officer and other concerned senior officials.

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