*#Elections2019: New Delhi people share their agenda to vote in the upcoming #LSPolls*



New Delhi, (10/5/2019):* Delhi will host the polling in the 5th phase of Lok Sabha Elections on 12th May 2019. Today is the last day for campaigning in Delhi. Political parties tried their hook and crook to reach and gain support of the people as much as they can.

Today, Ten News team reached to the residents of New Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency, to know about their issues and their choice between the three parties mainly fighting for power in Delhi.

While talking to Ten News residents said, “the government is trying to reach as many people as possible but this fashion of reaching people and promising them to work out on their problems is only for few days untill the elections are not getting over”.

“There are many posh areas in New Delhi constituency, but also there are areas which were not so developed or you can say that lower middle class people lives there and we can’t see any work for the welfare. The problem of roads, construction and water are the main problems of New Delhi, and the government whether its AAP, BJP or Cong, they only care when the elections are on the way”.

Some of them said, “Kejriwal has done some good works like Mohalla Clinic, focussing on education sector but is not maintaining that. While women safety remains to be a concern of the people but not of the politicians whom we are choosing. We want our candidate or the govt to give high focus on women safety as the situation is getting worse. Everyday there is a news report of rape or crime against women. Women gives birth to men and when men can’t protect the women of the society, who else can”.

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