Entrepreneurs Engage in Strategic Discussions with Dr. Ram Charan on Navigating India’s Business Transformation

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New Delhi/Gurgaon (INDIA), September 01, 2023: EO Gurgaon, an exclusive congregation of pan-industry entrepreneurs, celebrates the successful culmination of the event “Opportunities In a transformed India by Dr. Ram Charan”. The event was organised in collaboration with EO New Delhi, featuring three interactive sessions by Dr. Ram Charan. The event served as a platform to ignite riveting conversations on leveraging the ripples of international affairs in national business functions, executing patient leadership to develop talent, and directing perspective in an actionable manner.

Dr. Ram Charan’s structured the talk with the larger goal of instilling inquisitivity of everyday business functions, and how entrepreneurs can apply that within ecosystems of the Indian business landscape. He encouraged all attendees to align with the “What is new” ideology to capture disruption in their respective industries. For this, he frequently broke the attendees into small groups to brainstorm on open-ended, yet directive exercises on India’s economic policies. What followed were invigorating discussions and a Q&A session, breaking down each suggestion and query, while mapping their future relevance to the existing and evolving commercial outlook.

Commenting on the expansive approach of his actionable exercises, Dr. Ram Charan, said, “A nation is built by the entrepreneurs, and is guided, enabled, and assisted by the leaders of the country. Entrepreneurs conceive an opportunity, take risks, recruit other people, and develop them, and they build large part of the economy. The attendees’ agenda was to learn how to detect opportunities when these big changes are coming along.”

“Given that, India has a lot of foreign direct investment coming in technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and R&D, where entrepreneurs need to re-evaluate the economic map, economic needs, and think beyond their current operations. In the sense that, if they are in a good business, how it can go up, in quantum ways, in a non-linear base”, he added.

Commenting on the resounding success of the event, Mr. Vipul Jain, Current President of EO Gurgaon said, “We are delighted with the ethos of the event, ‘Opportunities In a transformed India’. The session’s key takeaway is instilling self-belief, capitalising on India’s growing status as a rewarding destination for doing business, and a proactive investigation of how global events impact smaller business ecosystems. Being strategically thought of and aligned with our theme of ‘learn, act, inspire’, this platform enables individuals to extract actionable counsel that can be adopted by the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem, driven by inspiration.”

Serving as a potent platform for fostering India’s entrepreneurial journey, EO Gurgaon’s event, “Opportunities in A Transformed India by Dr. Ram Charan” was focused on the theme “Non-Linear Growth Secrets”. As a renowned business consultant, with an experience of over 45 years, being bestselling business author, and having taught at Harvard and Northwestern University, Dr. Ram Charan is a believer in the philosophy of people before strategy, nationwide solutions applied locally, and learning into qualitative methodologies to inspire all-encompassing growth.

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