EVM Vidrohi Rashtriya Jan Andolan writes open letter to political parties demanding rejection of EVM’s

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (20/6/2019): Today, EVM Vidrohi Rashtriya Jan Andolan members organized a press conference at press club of India in New Delhi. In the conference the members from different area of field and representing different organizations discussed the malfunctionality of the EVM and questioned the credibility of it.

The speakers at the conference discussed that, during the 2019 Election, several startling facts regarding EVM have come into public domain like,

Mismatch in EC Figures: There is a serious mismatch between the voter turnout/votes polled data on the
EVM and the votes counted data on EVMs, both shared by the EC, in 373 constituencies which went to poll in
the first four phases of Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Storage and Safety of EVM’s: Just days before Election result, several videos of EVMs being stored in illegal
cars and shops and moved, surfaced on social media platforms.

These stories surfaced only after seven phases, that is May 19, 2019.
Unfortunately, there was no vigilance maintained by the Opposition Parties nor even civil society after the first
phase of elections were conducted on April 11, 2019.

In November 2018, the ECI had made public a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure for Storage and Safety
of EVM machines, a copy is available. The SOP matter is well stated and broadly represents the spirit of the
protection mechanisms for EVMs.

However, it is lacking in rigour in one respect. Each EVM machine is like a
cash box. It must not be let out of the control, supervision and protection of the relevant authority from the moment it leaves a factory through its entire journeys to and from a polling booth up till the moment it is sent to be scrapped.

Any interruption in the monitoring schedule leaves the EVM open for its chip to be removed and substituted by an agent that wishes to manipulate the machines voting output.

Therefore, the chain of supervision must not be only from the storage area to the polling booth and back. This transportation and storage chain has to be now managed electronically through digital means.

This would require each EVM to be tagged with an identifcation barcode or equivalent and its every movement by out of a storage facility, on a transport vehicle, its lodging at a poll booth, its transport out of the poll booth, back on to a vehicle to a transit storage area, to the final storage room each of these events has to be clocked digitally with a time tag and a GPS tag.

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