Expert talk on “Need and Significance of Incubation and Entrepreneurship In Technical Institution”

Talib Khan

India, (29/11/2018) : The session started with lightening of lamp followed by Inaugural address by Dr. Vikas Singh, Executive Director I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida in the presence of the Dr. S.P Mishra Advisor, I.T.S Education Group and expert Prof S.B Sareen, Head SME’s & Business Development Services, EDII, Ahmadabad.

The Expert of the day started the session with highlighting that India is witnessing an upsurge of technology-driven and Knowledge- based enterprise. Whether it is the field of conventional business or any other modern business a sudden spurt in the number of new ventures or start-ups have taken the country by surprise. He also explained that Technology and Innovation are playing a major role in this process business. He briefed about EDII, Ahmadabad and how EDII is supporting the culture of Entrepreneurship in India. He also motivated faculty members to guide more students for being job providers instead of job seekers. After this, a brief question answer session with the students was conducted to know about their ideas, views and perception about entrepreneurship. After the talk Prof Sareen visited the proposed site for New Gen IDEC and gave his fruitful suggestions for the same.

Dr. S.P Mishra explained the need for entrepreneurship and highlighted how the entrepreneurial system has evolved in recent times. He talked about various career options after graduation and motivated the students to take maximum benefit of the growing nation by venturing in to entrepreneurship. One of the most important being, that an Entrepreneurship has very little to do with money. It is instead an attitude, a way of thinking.

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