FAULT LINES : Education, Examination and Children !

Vanita Srinivas

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(10/02/2018) Greater Noida :

Education and examination go hand in hand. Education is learning and examination is the litmus test to gauge the true level of understanding of the subject taught. In India the course curriculum is as vast as the country itself. The pressure of covering the syllabus and giving the exams takes the fun out of learning.

Till Ninth standard, the exams are strictly as per syllabus and relating to book learning. The extra curricular activities are essential in these formative years but are not given equal weightage as the core subjects. Hence this important aspect of life skill and passion becomes redundant.

X th standard…the evaluation is through CCE method. The book learning method, which has been formed as a habit for the student becomes redundant.

XII th standard….The main focus is on Board exams and its results. Most of the students reel under the pressure of coaching and schooling. The CCE becomes redundant.

College Admission…. The college admission is through competitive exams. These exams call for a totally different type of preparation and the way student prepared for board exam becomes redundant.

Job….Again competitive exam/results decide qualifying for the job. Scoring in the college again becomes redundant.

The students spend whole year studying for a particular type of exam and excel too but they end up giving completely different type of exam, for which they are unprepared. It so happens that the student is always unprepared for the next stage of competition. This causes unnecessary struggle and frustration. If competitive exams pattern is included in the curriculum then he will give exams with least of stress and with his best smile.

Another important issue is the changing interest and passion among the kids. Some have an artistic bend, the others are good in sports and few are good in abstract subjects and logics. It is not necessary that the child may maintain the same interest through out his schooling. It is totally unfair to judge the caliber through a stereotyped evaluation. Secondly, Some kids do very well in primary classes and due to a change in their interests in subjects and extra curricular activities may not do well in later years. If the evaluation for higher studies and job is dependent on the results of twelfth standard exams or competitive exams only, then it is grossly unjustified evaluation as it makes the effort put in till tenth class redundant. Would it not be better if we opt for a continuous assessment system where the child is evaluated right from day one in the school and builds his record. In such a case even if he falters at a particular or a crucial stage he will not suffer much as he is being supported by his previous performance too.

If such a system is feasible then it would help our kids enjoy the learning.


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