First meeting of the reconstituted Board of Trade

First meeting of the reconstituted Board of Trade
The first meeting of the reconstituted Board of Trade (BoT) shall be held on 6th April at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi.

BOT was reconstituted as per the provisions of the Para 300 of Foreign Trade Policy Statement 2015-2020.

The objective of BOT is to have continuous discussion and consultation with trade and industry. The Board of Trade would, inter-alia, advise the Government on policy measures related to Foreign Trade Policy in order to achieve the objective of boosting India’s trade.

Reconstituted BOT comprise of:

  • 19 members from industry & academia(Non-official Members),
  • 31 heads of trade & industry associations(Ex-officio Members) and
  • 20 top officials including 13 secretaries to government of India, Deputy Governor, RBI,           Chairman, Railway Board, Chairman, National Highways Authority of India, Chairman and MD, ECGC, Managing Director, EXIM Bank, Chairman and MD, SBI and    Managing Director, Container Corporation of India (Official Members).

The terms of reference of BOT and the detailed list of members of BOT may be seen at:

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