Bharat Shiksha Expo 2024: First Preparatory Meeting Sets the Stage for NCR’s Emergence as a Global Education Hub


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Greater Noida, May 29, 2024: The Greater Noida Development Authority (GNIDA) and the India Expo Centre and Mart Limited (IEML) have joined forces to spearhead the Bharat Shiksha Expo 2024, aimed at transforming the education landscape of the Uttar Pradesh State and the Delhi NCR region. Scheduled for November 14-16, 2024, at the India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida, the expo promises to be a landmark event.

The first preparatory meeting, held today at the India Expo Centre & Mart, saw Medha Roopam (IAS), Additional Chief Executive Officer of GNIDA, preside as the Chief Guest. The meeting was hosted by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman, India Expo Center & Mart and Dr. H. Chaturvedi, former Director, BIMTECH. The meeting attracted prominent figures from the NCR education sector, who shared their insights and visions for the expo.

Ravi Kumar Jain, Director of Sparsh Global Business School, emphasized the importance of establishing centers of excellence and incorporating corporate training centers to enhance the quality of education. Ms. Aditi Basu Roy, Principal of Grads International School, recommended involving MSMEs and inviting celebrities from the Government of India to garner more attention.

Major General B.D. Wadhwa highlighted the need for employment, skill development, and fostering good citizenship, stressing the importance of focusing on future generations. Sanjeev Dubey from BIMTECH proposed the creation of several pavilions for continuous lectures to provide an immersive learning experience.

Ritesh Singh, SVP of Imarticus Learning, called for active industry participation and suggested planning a webinar series to promote the event. He also proposed live telecasts across all platforms and a focus on executive education on the third day of the expo, along with the establishment of corporate training centers.

Mayank Garg, Director of ITS Engineering College, raised the question of identifying primary stakeholders—students or colleges—and urged the strengthening of both students and faculty. He requested sharing all educational initiatives undertaken by the UP Government.

Sri Ram Luthra, Principal of Learners International School, advocated for education that fosters dignity and pride, emphasizing lifelong learning. He recommended engaging social media influencers in education to amplify the event’s reach.

Dr. Uma Bharadwaj, Vice Chancellor of Noida International University, suggested making the expo visible on every educational institution’s website and proposed the inclusion of a Central Instrumentation Lab to blend ancient and modern learning techniques. Dr. Sunil Wagh, Principal of Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s College of Engineering and Technology, emphasized the need for creating a social impact and responsibility through education.

Dr. Maneesh Jain, Head of Examination at IMT Ghaziabad, highlighted the importance of social media awareness and tradition-based education, calling for collaboration between government and private institutes. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khandal, Chancellor of SDGI Global University, Ghaziabad, suggested meetings for founders, ed-tech experts, and bright students. He recommended a state-level cadre for teachers, a centralized facilitation center, and various specialized centers.

Dr. Manisha Sondhi, Vice Principal of DPS, Greater Noida, advocated for the presence of foreign languages during the expo to enhance cultural diversity. Sonia, Principal of K.R. Mangalam,
proposed a holistic approach to education that emphasizes skills, sports, and national pride. She called for collaboration to ensure the event’s grand success.

Dr. Atul Jain, General Secretary of UPTIF and Vice Chairman of Ideal Institute of Technology, stressed the importance of instilling human values and recognizing the significant role of teachers in shaping future generations. Dr. Pratap Singh, Group Director of Venkateshwara Group of Institutions in Meerut, suggested involving rural teachers and students to ensure inclusivity beyond the NCR region.

Nitin Gaur, Registrar of Galgotia University, focused on creating supportive plans for weaker students, ensuring they are not left behind. Dr. Dheeraj Sharma, Director of Sharda Skills and Career Services, emphasized the need for mentors and counselors to guide students through their educational journey.

Concluding the meeting, Medha Roopam highlighted her commitment to creating spaces for seminars on government schemes and initiatives in education. She stressed that the Bharat Shiksha Expo 2024 will be instrumental in driving educational transformation across the region, with an overarching aim to make NCR a global hub in education. This collaborative effort promises to bring together educators, industry experts, and policymakers to forge a new path in the educational landscape, ensuring that the benefits of quality education reach every student and institution in the region.


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