Flipkart Denies Layoff Allegations, Says they know about ‘Responsible Hiring’

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New Delhi (India), 27th March 2023: At a time when mass layoffs are becoming more common, e-commerce behemoth Flipkart has made the decision to reject “mass layoffs.”

According to Krishna Raghavan, the company’s chief people officer, there will be no layoffs because the business doesn’t believe in hiring en masse and then letting people go later to reduce head-counts.

He said, “At Flipkart, responsible employment practises are followed, and mass layoffs are not occurring. We don’t hire thousands of individuals and then discover we have too many on staff, forcing us to take drastic measures.”

According to the report, no jobs will be affected by Flipkart’s choice not to give raises to its senior management because a raise and promotion occurred last year along with a stock option buyback plan.

In comparison to other companies in the sector, the business has increased the number of internal job postings. “Our internal talent mobility in terms of the number of positions we filled internally versus externally has doubled in the last couple of years,” he continued.

This decision is astonishing as other companies including Amazon, have recently made the decision to fire a total of 27,000 employees. The IT behemoth Accenture also revealed that up to 19,000 workers would be let go.

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