FONRWA voting on rights of founders and life members culminates, resolution seeking amendment fails after securing 54.8% votes!


Ashish Kedia


A voting process was conducted today on resolution regarding rights of founders and life members of FONRWA, to vote and contest elections.

After the voting was postponed from 19 August, the exercise was conducted today at FONRWA office in Noida. While 206 members were eligible to vote in these elections, only 177 people took part in the process.

Out of 177, 97 members voted against the rights of the founder and life members retaining right to vote and contest whereas 79 members casted vote in favour of retention of their rights.

As per the existing norms, any amendment in the bye-laws can be carried into effect only if such a proposition revives an agreement by the votes of three-fifths of the members present. Hence in today’s case of 177 members being present, the amendment in the bill required ~106 votes. Hence with 97 votes the resolution seeking the required amendment in the bye-laws failed to be passed.

This voting exercise is now expected to bring back the much desired normalcy in the functioning of FONRWA which has been surrounded in controversies and difference of opinions since quite long.

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