Fortis Vadapalani saves life of 63-year-old patient with rare blood group ‘Bombay Phenotype’; Blood air lifted from Chennai to Kolkata

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Chennai: In a rare feat, Fortis Vadapalani successfully facilitated the transfer of a rare blood group – ‘Bombay phenotype’ red cellsto save the life of a critically ill patient in KolkataFortis Vadapalani received a request from a private hospital in Kolkata for a rare group blood required for 63-year-old anemic patient suffering from chronic kidney disease. The request was honored by Fortis Vadapalani’s Blood Centre and blood was airlifted to Kolkata.

One Unit of blood was safely delivered to Kolkata Medical College and Hospital within 6 hours. The Bombay Rh positive packed red cells was crossmatched in Kolkata Medical College the following day and declared safe to be transfused. The patient was successfully transfused with Bombay blood the next day and was discharged after 24 hours. Transport of blood was facilitated by Platelet Club – a Chennai based voluntary blood donation group who have coordinated 32 such rare blood product transfer throughout India in 2022. By establishing proper and quick communication at the pick-up and drop-off points, the transfer took place smoothly without any delays.

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