Four Years of Modi Government Senior Business Consultant Prabhat Sinha Shares Views



Noida :– Prabhat Sinha has about 35 years of experience in terms of global business consulting. He has been advising Indian companies for global expansions. He is also a visiting faculty at different B-Schools where he shares his rich experience in terms of International Business. Ten News spoke to him to learn about his views on four years of Modi government. Here are excerpts of the interview:

How do you see the performance of Modi governments four years?

The performance of any government is calculated on various parameters namely political, economical, social and diplomatic. I don’t think that politically Government of India has become stronger since after 2014, economically I don’t see a significant progress; socially there have been more of concerns than clarity. If we look historically, this is only 3rd government which has come with absolute majority. This government got a very clear faith of people in term of strong mandate. It was also the first time; BJP became the only other party to come so strong on national front except Congress.
There are many advantages that Modi, BJP and India got. BJP’s position can be seen contestable. From India’s perspective, Geo-politically if we look at it our relationship with neighbors is very fragile and relations haven’t improved. In the international domain we must also evaluate in terms of investment. I don’t think there has been any Prime Minister in India who has invested so much in foreign dioplomacy but people expect similar results.

Being a professional from Business background, how do you see the Make in India initiative and other diplomatic initiatives of Indian government?

Make in India was a good initiative and I think PM Modi wanted to make India a good alternative to China in terms of providing competitive production capabilities but it hasn’t happened. I think for this first thing Mr. Modi should have done was to strike business relationship with European business leaders. Because there remains a probability and opportunity for European business forces to shift their market preference from China to India. Even in terms of economical relationship we are not doing very well with either USA or UK. The trade between India and America is insignificant and hence the kind of statements being made by PM Trump is outrageous.

How do you see the mega show’s being organized to welcome PM Modi in different countries?

Any Indian PM going to other countries would generate similar type of reaction; it has happen in the past as well. Because there is certain connect and therefore Indian community comes forward. In case of Mr. Modi he has an habit of making people know what is happening. I don’t think other PM of past bothered that much about coverage. He is very conscious about everything be it is his dress, questions or anything. In case of Mr. Modi one doesn’t see that kind of difference that a strong government should have made.

What is your opinion of GST and Demonetization?

Demonetization I don’t see having any effect no-one till point has been able to put down on paper and clearly state out the advantages. GST was something that was already in pipeline for 20 years. GST was planned since long and this government has the responsibility of smooth implementation. I don’t think any value addition was done in terms of policy. If the implementation was also disastrous, there is no window to give Modi any credit of it.

What do you see as the biggest achievement and biggest failure of PM Modi?

The biggest achievement is that there is a sense of confidence among the people of India that we have a strong government at the center and that’s a good sign. This also brings in a sense of security which is definitely an advantage. In terms of disadvantage that PM Modi has sort of worked upon disadvantages. He clearly has many opportunities but he failed to make use of them. I think Modi government could have done much-much better. It could have made Modi, BJP and India stronger. In world politics our stature would have got enhanced a lot but this didn’t happen.

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