Freedom 251 – #Freedom251: Is an ‘iPhone’ for Aam Aadmi of India

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The world’s cheapest smartphone is a full-fledge working device for Rs 251 (plus Rs 40 delivery charges). And not just that the Freedom 251’s design is inspired by iPhones.

While many might talk about copyright infringement, the fact is many domestic players have launched iPhone-like smartphones in the past.

So, here is how it is the ‘iPhone’ for the Aam Aadmi.

The trademark round home button of iPhones dominates the design of the Freedom 251. You can find the similar home button at the centre of the world’s cheapest phone too.

The iPhone 5C-like rear camera unit

Place an iPhone 5C and Freedom 251 side by side. Anyone can say that the rear design is inspired by the 5C.

Speaker grills ‘inspired’ by iPhone 6 series

Not only the Freedom 251 phone’s shape is similar to that of the iPhone 6 series, the speaker grills too look like an exact copy.

iOS like Android skin

If you just look at the icons of Freedom 251, you might actually forget that you are using an Android Lollipop smartphone. It’s an almost identical copy.

Safari on Android

Yes, you heard that right. The native browser’s icon is an exact copy of Apple’s Safari browser.

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