Galgotias University Hosts Inspirational Leadership Session with Industry Luminary Nakul Anand

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On the vibrant morning of April 16th, 2024, the School of Hospitality and Tourism at Galgotias University, Greater Noida, resonated with the anticipation of an enriching encounter. All the all the Hospitality, Tourism, and MBA students of university participated in the session with keenness to gain maximum insights into effective leadership strategies and practices in the corporate world with empowerment to become future business leaders and change-makers in the corporate sectors. Along with students, faculty, and industry enthusiasts alike gathered for an exclusive event titled “Navigating the Path to Corporate Leadership: Reflection & Perspectives”. This interactive up-close and personal session was spearheaded by an esteemed visionary leader, Mr. Nakul Anand, Ex-Executive Director of ITC Limited, and the session promised invaluable insights into the realm of corporate leadership.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as Dr. Rajiv Mishra, the Dean of the School of Hospitality & Tourism, took to the stage and introduced the distinguished guest speaker. With an air of reverence, he recounted Mr. Anand’s illustrious career trajectory and numerous accolades, setting the stage for an enlightening discourse.

Accompanying Mr. Anand were Mr. Rachit Mathur, CEO of Shiftz, and Mr. Pranav Kapur, COO of Shiftz, esteemed personalities in their own right. Their presence added depth and diversity to the panel, ensuring a multifaceted exploration of leadership dynamics in the contemporary corporate landscape.

As Mr. Anand began to share his journey, with candor and humility, he recounted his ascent from a management trainee to the pinnacle of corporate leadership, underscoring the pivotal role of attitude and discipline in his success. Drawing parallels between personal growth and professional development, he emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in navigating the complexities of the hospitality industry.

The audience was captivated as Mr. Anand regaled them with tales of his encounters with five former Presidents of the United States during his tenure at ITC Group. He shared invaluable lessons gleaned from these interactions, highlighting the nuances of leadership and diplomacy in managing high-profile guests and fostering lasting relationships.

Delving deeper into his reservoir of knowledge, Mr. Anand drew parallels between corporate strategy and the timeless wisdom of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. His insights into strategic planning, resource allocation, and competitive positioning resonated with the audience, offering a fresh perspective on leadership dynamics in the corporate arena.

Mr. Anand shared his wealth of experience by offering ten actionable points for success, custom-tailored for the aspiring leaders in the audience. His insightful advice, ranging from fostering a growth mindset to overcoming adversity with resilience, deeply resonated with each attendee, sparking a newfound sense of purpose and unwavering determination.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotias University, echoed the sentiments of the audience, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the enlightening session. He lauded Mr. Anand’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and affirmed the university’s unwavering dedication to providing transformative learning experiences for its students.

As the event drew to a close, the audience departed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Mr. Anand’s words lingered in their minds, serving as beacons of inspiration as they embarked on their leadership journeys. Galgotias University’s commitment to fostering excellence in hospitality and tourism was reaffirmed, setting the stage for future endeavors in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

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