Guest in London , movie with a flavour of comedy and emotions

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NEW DELHI : The veteran actor Paresh Rawal along with Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan and Director, Ashwni Dhir was in New Delhi to promote the movie Guest in London , however Paresh Rawal ignored some questions related to politics and GST, and further was seen angry.

Talking about the role in film, Paresh Rawal said that, I am playing a proud guest in the movie along with comic flavour.

Ashwni said along with his comic timing, he has been a huge fan of Paresh Rawal as the actor can bring in a lot of depth in his roles.

Kartik Aryan, who is in the lead role said that, it’s an honour for me to work with legendary Paresh Rawal and got to know many things about drama and acting.

The upcoming film Guest In London was supposed to release on June 9, will now be releasing on July 7.

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